Walking into life

Life happened to me. And with it, tagged along the constant effort to suppress emotions waiting to stray beyond the sacred boundaries of society. Pain, joy, hunger, fear, hate - there's so much more inside me than I know. It has been kept under the wraps, where only glimpses, quick wanderings, a certain quantity is allowed. And amidst all this chaos, love seems to be the most delightful emotion. Always. I often lack the caliber to express it, even in the most necessary situations. But it's there. Like a home waiting with it's comforts and security. There is a life behind the thin layer of existence, where emotions struggle to trespass. And then one wild day I step on that layer to take a leap beyond...and there some see dark patches of incarceration as entrapment. While some paint it with stardust, one brush-stroke at a time. The days that we often consider as a monotonous drill hold hidden moments of magic. Only if we decide to stop for a while and look. Keep walking into life, an epiphany is waiting to unfold at every step.