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Kaveer Rai (Feb 23, 1985), a Mangalore based photographer, picked up the camera at a young age and went about capturing day to day moments into photographs, His photography sessions began with a handy-camera lying in the house and they have come a long way since then. He wanted to click pictures that changed or touched people in ways that could make the world a better place. What started as an effortless hobby took a sharp professional turn when Kaveer got recognised by the National Geographic Moment Award in 2010. Kaveer’s career for four and half years as a creative visualiser for an advertising firm come to an end when he decided to pursue his passion for photography. To kick-start his photography career, he earned a degree in documentary photography from Pathshala, Bangladesh, and is all set to speak to the world through his photography. Kaveer was one of the five candidates in the world selected for a master class with Stephen Alvarez in Puerto Rico, organised by National Geographic and Nokia 2014. He won the National Geographic Cover Shot 2 online edition and the winning photo was featured as cover of ‘afaqs Reporter’ in 2015. USAID and Forest Plus organised a photography contest in 2016 where his picture got an honorary mention. He then went on to study on a year long scholorship in DMJX (Danish school of media and Journalisum), Denmark in 2017. He currently works as a freelance photographer, his ability to create visual narratives on humanitarian and environmental stories makes him appropriate for the job, while his abstract touch is always an advantage. 



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