Cyclone Fani - After the storm.

Cyclone Fani originated from a tropical depression that formed west of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean on 26 April, and traveled towards India, making landfall with the speed of 175 kilometres per hour to 185 kilometres per hour on the morning of 3 May, 2019 at Puri, Orissa.

64 people lost their lives in the cyclone, while earlier cyclones had claimed thousands of lives in the region. The world hailed the Orissa government for its successful evacuation of 11,00,000 people against an ‘Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm’. The estimated loss in the state is approximately Rs 12,000 crore, and basic resources like housing, electricity, water and telecommunications have been badly hit.

The Orissa government announced help for all those who suffered; the relief for each family comprises 50 kilos of rice, one tarpaulin sheet and a sum of Rs 2,000 per month.Puri district was found to be the most affected, and in the aftermath of the storm, those who have been left behind pick up scattered pieces of the past with a hope to survive and rebuild in the present.